First Use - Arduino Board and Software

So, you decided to go and buy yourself an Arduino, but once it arrived, you realized you have no idea what to do with it. Do not panic, for help is at hand! In this how-to, we will look at how to get started with Arduino microcontroller boards. We covered software installation, now we connecting and configuring the Arduino IDE.

First Use - Arduino Board and Software

Open the example sketch "Blink" with Arduino Software. you will need to go to File > Examples > Basics > Blink.

Select board "Arduino/Genuino Uno".

Connect Arduino UNO to the computer with a USB cable. 

Select the serial port. Your serial number may be different from the following figure. If it is not detected immediately, please wait for a while, then click "Tools" to check again. 

Click the "Verify" button.

The following figure shows the code is being compiled.

Wait a moment for the compiling to be completed. The figure below shows the code size and percentage of space occupation. 

Usually, when we write code, if it has a syntax error, the interface will prompt the error message. Then the compiling can't be completed. 

Click the "Upload" button.


The figure below shows the code is uploading.

Wait a moment, then the uploading is completed. 

After that, we will see the LED marked with "L" on Arduino UNO starts blinking. It indicates that the code is running now! 

So far, we have completed the first use. I believe you have felt the joy of it. Next, we will carry out a series of projects, from easy to difficult, taking you to learn the Arduino programming and the building of electronic circuits. 

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